About AMA

Welcome to the website of Scott Teague’s Academy of Martial Arts. Our primary mission at the Academy is to provide an environment that promotes the growth and development of our students as martial artists and as responsible and confident individuals.  The basis of the Academy’s curriculum is to teach children 5 years of age and adults valuable self-defense skills in a non-competitive atmosphere.

At the Academy, we have programs specifically designed for children, and adults.  By incorporating the teachings of respect for self, respect for others, perseverance, and self-discipline, our students develop a strong sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and accomplishment. Time and again we see the positive and profound impact martial arts training has on our students, young and old alike. We are dedicated to help each and every individual discover how martial arts training can enhance and benefit their lives.

Academy of Martial Arts is also home to the “Jinenkan Olney Dojo”. The Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan was founded by Fumio “Unsui” Manaka in 1996 to provide students access to training in authentic Japanese Kobudo. Mr. Teague is one of the senior students and Dojo Cho (Licensed Instructor) under the direction of Manaka Sensei.

This site will provide you with some basic information about our school and the programs we provide. You can also contact us at 301-774-4995 or email us at academyofmartialarts@hotmail.com for additional information.  Stop by for a visit at 18312 Village Center Drive in Olney, Maryland.