Our Adult program is for students 16 and older. Martial Arts training is both a physical and mental endeavor. It will improve your physical fitness and increase your strength and flexibility as well as help you remain sharp and focused. For some adults it can also serve as a good form of stress relief. The primary focus of our Adult curriculum is based on Japanese Kobudo, which means ancient martial ways.

The curriculum includes kicking, punching, rolling, falling, throwing, and weapons training. We know joining a Martial Arts school can be somewhat intimidating at first. Our new students receive a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from the other Adult students who remember what it was like to take that first step and go out on the mat for the first time. That support doesn’t end there. One of the characteristics that makes our Adult classes unique is the genuine camaraderie that is shared by each and every student.

Feel stronger, more confident, and see the friendships form.

Our Adults meet twice a week.

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