Welcome to Scott Teague’s Academy of Martial Arts.


Scott Teague opened the school in 1994. Since then, he has built a strong reputation in the community for his unique teaching style with both children and adults. Mr. Teague has created an environment where classes are taught with just the right blend of discipline, enthusiasm, and fun. Students of all abilities and ages feel comfortable yet are continuously challenged and encouraged to reach their goals.

Parents looking to enroll your child, we offer classes for children ages 4-15. What makes our school unique is that our classes are age-specific. For our younger students, ages 4-7, this allows us to focus on each group’s own particular developmental needs and abilities. Please visit our program page to learn more about the exact program for your child.

Adults seeking to enroll in classes yourself, our classes will provide you with a combination of martial arts training and physical fitness. Maybe you’re here because it’s something you’ve always wanted to do or maybe it’s something you and your child want to experience together. Whatever your reason is for being here, we want to help you reach your goal and perhaps gain even more in the process.

Academy of Martial Arts is also home to the “Jinenkan Olney Dojo.” The Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan was founded by Fumio “Unsui” Manaka in 1996 to provide students access to training in authentic Japanese Kobudo. Mr. Teague is one of the senior students and Dojo Cho (Licensed Instructor) under the direction of Manaka Sensei.

Call us at 301-774-4995 or stop by for a visit at
18312 Village Center Drive in Olney, Maryland.

*No Hidden Fee Policy:

Academy of Martial Arts does not charge additional fees for patches, testing, promotions, belts, or certificates.

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